ASM’s Goal is not only to disseminate knowledge among various stake holders but to serve society at large. ASM Bangalore chapter has members with rich expertise and professional experience in their respective fields with deep insight to practical applications in the field of materials science and could be a bed rock for sharing the knowledge. ASM Banglore chapter works as platform for interaction among professional resulting in exchange of ideas, innovation, and knowledge at industrial growth. In this highly competitive world, networking and collaborating with each other can fetch more dividends be it in business or in research.

In meeting this objective, we intend to provide a platform for knowledge exchange programs where in, experts could share their knowledge as consultants to knowledge seekers. Hence we encourage experts to register as consultants by Paying Rs. 4000/- (Rupees Four thousand only) Information about consultants such as contact details, consultants areas/fields will be published in the website for a duration of one year. You may contact us by email to register as consultant.

Professionals, researchers and students interested to seek the advice of the consultant can contact him/her by clicking the link below. Consultants and knowledge seekers are also encouraged to contact the ASM office bearers to facilitate such services.

The Broad areas of Consultancy services being offered by our members are given below:-

The Broad areas of Consultancy services being offered by our members are given below

1. Materials Selection 2. Materials characterization
3. Foundry Practices 4. Mechanical Testing
5. Forging 6. Heat Treatment
7. Welding Practice 8. Problems related to mechanical processing: Casting, Forging, welding, machining and Heat Treatment etc
9. Design of Special purpose machines. 10. Corrosion Control
11. Failure Analysis 12. Process Simulation
13. Non Destructive Evaluation 14. Special Topics/Fields relevant to materials
List of Consultants

In line with our philosophy of knowledge dissemination our members will deliver lectures for free of cost to academic institutions whose faculty or students are members of ASM Bengaluru chapter. Non academic institutions can also avail this opportunity for nominal fee.

We encourage industries or individuals in the related field to show case their products and achievements by advertising on the homepage of ASM Bengaluru chapter website as a sponsor. By posting here will enhance your visibility and credibility through the professional circle.. Adequate visibility will be provided depending on the type of sponsorship (Platinum, Gold and Silver). For more information contact us by email

Here professionals can get basic knowledge, recent advances, interesting articles and videos of the various aspects of materials science such as its properties, its structure, different processes and its applications.

1. Materials Selection
2. Heat Treatment of Steels
3. Heat Treatment of Non-Ferrous Materials
4. Corrosion
5. Failure Analysis